Veer Gadodia

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur


About me

I'm an incoming student at MIT, and a software engineer and entrepreneur aiming to innovate cutting-edge entrepreneurial solutions through technology.

I'm a founding member at Next Medical.


My Experience

  • October 2020 – Present

    Next Medical

    Founding Member and Lead Engineer

    The first patient-centric telehealth solution allowing for quality remote doctor visits
    • Developing mobile application for medical professionals to collect and record patient diagnostic data from the patients’ home
    • Developing the web interface for doctors to view and analyze patient data from which to form diagnoses during the remote visit
  • April 2020 - Present

    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics


    O3 and BrO observations from OMPS instrument during 2020 Arctic Ozone Hole, Mentors: Dr. Gonzalo Abad, Dr. Kelly Chance
    • Co-author of upcoming paper presenting ozone anomalies and comparing coincident satellite measurements of O3 and BrO from the OMPS instrument
    • Quality controlled and filtered satellite observations to general temporal and spatial averages on a suitable Earth projection grid for polar analysis (code)
    • Used scientific libraries to perform interpolation, convolution, projection, and visualization of georeferenced datasets for O3, BrO, and NO2 trace gases
    • Developed detailed movie based on my new algorithm displaying progression of 2020 arctic ozone hole (Arctic Ozone Hole 2020 Movie)
  • May 2020 - August 2020

    Harvard Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences


    Data visualization of global hurricane wind speeds from 1980 - 2020, Mentors: Dr. Eli Tziperman
    • Developed algorithm to process HURSAT tropical cyclone-“centric" satellite data and produce plots on global hurricane windspeed
    • Implemented machine learning models to detect trends in hurricane windspeed over time
    • Drew conclusions and determined trends in hurricane intensity for future predictions
  • June 2020 - August 2020

    MIT The Chisholm Lab


    Gene expression in Procholorococcus cells in presence of chitin, Mentors: Nikolai Radzinski, Elaina Thomas, Allison Coe
    • Performed adapter trimming, quality trimming, mapping, HTSeq, and DESeq of prochlorococcus gene data
    • Created and analyzed visualizations in R to see how gene expression changes in samples of prochlorococcus with Chitosan
    • Presented findings in front of entire lab group
  • June 2019 - August 2019

    MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences


    Data visualization of nitrogen levels in marine ecosystems, Mentors: Dr. Christopher Hill
    • Used Jupyter Books platform to code specialized online environmental textbook
    • Developed python algorithm to visualize oceanic data sets through histograms, time series, regional map, and sectional map graphs
    • Integrated algorithms with Binder to create an online web-based executable environment


My Projects


My Awards

  • Computer Science Competitions

    1st Place

    • Grand Prize Auth0 Hackathon
    • Garuda Hacks Business Track
    • TeenHacksHTX
    • PlatHacks
    • COVID-19 Hack Challenge
    • UB Hacking Freshman Track
    • Sigma Hacks Health Track
    • Geom Hacks

    2nd Place

    • Global Developer Challenge
    • Microsoft Hack for Africa Health Track
    • Hack Kosice
    • Neural Hacks
    • Def Hacks Advanced Track

    3rd Place

    • RamHacks
    • SET Hacks
    • NewtonHACKS
    • Neural Hacks
    • Def Hacks Advanced Track

    Track Winner

    • PennApps Best Hack for Resilience
    • AWS Hackathon for Good Track Winner
    • World Hackathon Day Track Winner
    • IvyHacks Best Use of Google Cloud
    • NHacks Most Advanced Technique
    • HackDSC Best Community Building Hack
    • MHacks Best COVID-19 App
    • MLH Data Day Grind
    • Harmony Hacks 2 Honorable Mention
    • Silicon Valley Hacks Honorable Mention
  • Other Awards

    • Harvard University Book Award, given to one top-performing student from entire Newton North class of 2021 consisting of 550 students.
    • National Merit Scholarship Commended Student (2020)
    • AP Scholar with Distinction (2020)
    • National Merit Scholarship Commended Student (2020)
    • Bronze Medal National Spanish Exam (2020)
    • Silver Medal National Spanish Exam (2019)
    • Harvard Science Olympiad team, 1st place (2018), 3rd place (2019)
    • Massachusetts Science Olympiad team 2nd place (2018, 2019)